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Between the months of April and June, Belize diving gets even more exciting as Whale Sharks migrate into the Gladden area. Whale sharks are one of the biggest fish found in the Caribbean Sea. The largest measured whale shark was 40 feet long and 5 feet wide. These creatures are known to swim right up to divers, but they are not aggressive only curious.

These giant, gentle creatures travel to  the Gladden Spit Silk Cayes Marine Reserve to mate and feed on the spawns of Mutton and Cuberra snapper. The best time to see these creatures are 4-5 days after the full moon. Divers can get an up close look at these majestic sharks and also thousands of other reef fish and sea animals.

Belize Whale Shark Rates

# Divers Rates
One-Tank Whale Shark Diving 6 – 10 $183.75 per diver
Two-Tank Whale Shark Diving 6 – 10 $228.75 per diver

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