The 10th Annual Placencia Sidewalk Art Festival

The 10th annual Placencia Sidewalk Art Festival is planned for the weekend of February 16th and 17th and travelers and artists, both Belizean and foreign, are gearing up to see what’s in store for them at this year’s event. The runaway success of the festival in previous years has led to its widespread anticipation every year in February, when artists from all over the country showcase their work along the 4,071 foot (3/4 mile) long, 4-foot-wide Placencia Sidewalk – the world’s narrowest main street and an artery that links visitors, residents, businesses, and homes throughout the village of Placencia.

Adolfo Duran's Paintings - Placencia Art Festival Placencia Sidewalk Festival Canvas Paintings

During the festival, visitors can make art purchases, sample food on sale, and watch live musical performances and dances. Because it draws many of the best visual artists in Belize, including Pen and Ingrid Cayetano, Lita Krohn, and Adolfo Duran, just to name a few, the event is truly a feast for the eyes. It is also an event that highlights the cohesion and cooperativeness among many of the businesspeople of Placencia. Most of the major resorts and business places donate money, manpower, and other resources to make the festival as enjoyable as possible. For instance, last year Placencia Office Supply sponsored a sidewalk chalk competition, in which artists were invited to sketch images in small blocks on the sidewalk itself, using colored chalk, for prizes; the artwork was judged, and three winners were selected. The results were very impressive! The competition turns sketching into an enjoyable spectator event, and this year artists are again invited to showcase their talent.

placencia-sidewalk- festival-sketching-competitionplacencia-sidewalk-art-competition

Sketches and paintings aren’t the only things that are featured – the artwork on display also includes glass and ceramic molds; small, clever wooden jewelry boxes; brightly-decorated glass bottles; wooden carvings, shells, and boats; locally-made quilts and jams; handmade soaps; Mayan woven-baskets, slate carvings, beads, and other jewelry; and, there are also booths set up by the primary schools and the Placencia Humane Society.


The festival is a signature two-day event during which the number of visitors to Placencia spikes dramatically. If you wish to visit, now would be a great time to plan your stay! In addition to being a recreational highlight for visitors, the festival is also an object of inspiration for the youths at the Outlet Youth Center, where the children and adolescents of Placencia receive quality training in the creative arts. The event would be the perfect stop prior to catching your boat to Hatchet Caye. Contact us to secure accommodations and to find out more about the Placencia Sidewalk Art Festival!

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