Romantic Island Destination, Hatchet Caye.

Happy Valentine’s Day 2014 from Hatchet Caye Belize


Is anything in the world more romantic than being on an unspoiled private island, strolling hand in hand, dazzled by the rays of the setting sun.


Sunset from the pier at Hatchet Caye

The setting sun over the Caribbean Sea


The warm breeze caressing you as you amble along, dipping your toes in the water that ripples at the edge of the beach. The sand soft underfoot and still warm from the day’s sun as the stars overhead start to twinkle. If you have never seen the Caribbean sky at night you will be amazed at the blanket of stars that are visible here. It is like you are literally closer to Heaven when you are at Hatchet Caye.


Hatchet Caye Belize

Starry night sky over the lit pier


There is nothing like escaping from the world with your loved one and living like castaways on a private island. Live the fantasy of being swept away to somewhere exotic and remote and spending intimate moments alone on the sandy beaches, in the warm embrace of the  buoyant salty waters, or snuggled in a hammock gently rocking beneath the palm trees.


warm Caribbean Sea

Let the warm waters embrace you…


Spend blissful days exploring waters rich with marine life of such variety that each day you are sure to discover something new and amazing.  It is truly paradise above and below the turquoise water and the perfect setting for tender moments.


Turtles find Love!

Even Turtles find love at Hatchet Caye!

Dine on your private veranda with twinkling candles, sumptuous seafood and wicked tropical cocktails. You may blame them for your light-headedness, but the intoxicating atmosphere seeping under your skin is probably the real culprit.


Cocktail hour at Hatchet Caye

Sweet cocktails and savory appetizers at Hatchet Caye

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