Placencia Lobsterfest 2013: June 28th – 30th

The Placencia Lobsterfest is an annual event that celebrates the re-opening of the lobster season on the Southern part of the coast in Belize. The highly-anticipated schedule of events begins on Friday, June 28th, and ends on Sunday, June 30th, this year. Now in its 15th year, the lobsterfest has grown remarkably since its humble beginnings as a small, fun, one-day event held near the Placencia dock, with two prominent chefs in attendance and games scattered throughout the day. It is a now a mainstay of the Placencia economy, drawing the participation of almost every resort and business in the village, and attracting throngs of local and international visitors to the Peninsula each year.

Attendees will have many of the usual activities to look forward to, including a spicy wings eating contest, tug-o-war, kayak racing contest, lionfish-hunting tournament, lobster-catching competition, tuna-tossing contest, fly-fishing contest, dances, and, of course, tons of lobster dishes on sale. Most of the major resorts and restaurants set up food stalls that sell delicacies such as lobster tacos, grilled lobster, barbecued lobster, lobster fajitas, lobster pizza, and several other creative variations of the popular crustacean. Food vendors will also be selling shrimp, fish, chicken, steak, pork and vegetarian sides.


A highlight at every Lobsterfest is the raffle, which includes a round-trip ticket to anywhere in the US or Canada, stays at a few of the resorts around Placencia, a trip on a catamaran, snorkeling trips to one of our national parks, round-trip domestic flights, a golf cart to cruise the Peninsula for a full day, meals at some of the best restaurants in Placencia (including our very own Lionfish Grill, at which a lunch for four is a prize in the draw), and cash as prizes.

The band headlining this year at the lobsterfest is Gilharry 7, a group of seasoned musicians hailing all the way from Corozal. The entertainment line-up also includes several other well-known local bands and DJ’s, as well as steel-pan drummers.

Hatchet Caye was a sponsor of the t-shirt artwork competition this year, which was won by a Grayson and Omar Sierra, a pair of brothers from Placencia Village. The artists featured a simple, intimate painting of a pair of fishermen bringing in their catch of lobster. The t-shirt displays the winning design, as well as general information on the events at this year’s lobsterfest.


The Lobsterfest would be an ideal stop while waiting at our Placencia office for your boat to Hatchet Caye. Our Lionfish Grill will also be featuring delicious lobster dishes following the start of the lobster season in Placencia!

Contact us to find out more about the Lobsterfest, and about booking a stay at Hatchet Caye Resort for that weekend!

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