Get your Grand Slam here! At Hatchet Caye Resort in Belize


Fishing for Permits at Hatchet Caye Belize

Permit fishing at Hatchet Caye Belize

A grand slam in Caribbean fly fishing is when one angler catches a bonefish, tarpon,

and permit all in one day of fishing. The International Game Fish Association stated

that an”Inshore Grand Slam” is catching any three of the following species on the

same day: bonefish, tarpon, permit, and snook. So if you miss one of the

four you are still good.

Bonefish at Hatchet Caye Belize

Catching Bonefish at Hatchet Caye Belize

The roman Claudius Aelianus near the end of the 2nd century is said to have been the first to

mention fly fishing! He wrote about the art of Macedonian anglers on the Astraeus River

and said that “they planned a snare for the fish, and got the better of them by their

fisherman’s craft, they fasten red wool round a hook and fit on to the wool two feathers

(from a chicken) which in color are like wax (light golden white).

Tarpon at Hatchet Caye Belize

Tarpon fishing with Hatchet Caye in Belize

Their rod is six feet long, and their line is the same length.

Then they throw their snare (or trap) and the fish, attracted and maddened by the color,

( I would love to see a maddened fish) comes straight at it, thinking from the pretty sight

to gain a  dainty mouthful, when, however, it opens it’s jaws, it is caught by the hook,

and enjoys a bitter repast, a captive.

Hatchet Caye Resort Belize w guest Mary K Rawlings

Guest Mary K Rawlings with Permit fish at Hatchet Caye Resort in Belize

Even the lures or bait for fly fishing are made artistically and beautifully.

Fluffy feathers and cute little faces (sorry guys), if they didn’t have sharp hooks

in them they would be great little pencil toppers or phone charms…

Some of the best fly fishing lures to bring to Hatchet Caye Belize

Fly fishing lures collage

But I am sure the real fishermen would say they are efficient and crafty and extremely useful.

Some of the best “flies” to bring with you to Hatchet Caye are the To-Dy-For,

a shrimp like one in green and white with no weight. A Horror! 6 or 8. A Baited Breath…

6 0r 8 or Pop’s Bonefish Bitters (also 6 or 8) in olive green and amber. Bring some of

these and you are sure to get a line up like below.

Fishing buffet line up at Hatchet Caye Resort Belize

Fishing buffet line up at Hatchet Caye Belize

Fly fishing is a beautiful sport. The fluidity of the angler is an art that is both graceful

and dangerous ( I would probably take my ear off!) I think many people discovered

their passion for the sport after watching “A river runs through it”, with Brad Pitt gracefully

whipping that line across the water. How ever you came to love this graceful and

relaxing sport Hatchet Caye has many ways for you to enjoy it and many

fish just waiting to be fooled by your “fly”.

A river runs through it movie poster

A river runs through it movie poster

Fly fishing at Hatchet Caye by World Wide Fishing.

Review on Tripadvisor

“Hatchet Caye was everything we could hope for in a vacation. Beautiful resort, friendly staff, lots of options for enjoying the water (many at no additional cost) great rooms, wonderful service and excellent food.

Service –  Bartending and restaurant service was excellent and prompt. David, Charlie Brown, and Juan were our main contacts. They provided great service. Activity\Dive shop staff was incredibly helpful. Each staff member has different strengths. Sean spent a great deal of time with my husband on fly fishing. Rasta was very informative on spear fishing and both helped with outfitting with snorkel gear.

Activities- Snorkeling is outstanding, beautiful coral and tons of marine life. Hobie cats were a great deal of fun.- Pedal boats were great- Kayaks were great, and available at no extra cost. Snorkel trip to the Turtle Spot and Silk Caye was amazing!

Accommodations- Cabanas were clean, comfortable and nicely decorated.- Shower was great, We were up early, showered early and saw no problems. Housekeeping was outstanding. They provide water to rinse the sand from your feet before entering the cabana, but floors were cleaned daily as well as the general stocking of linens and tidying up.”

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