Belize Fishing Calendar

While there is great fishing available year-round on the Barrier Reef, there are certain periods that are better than others for the type of fishing you wish to engage in and the species of fish you hope to catch. To help you make the most of your experience, the experts at Hatchet Caye have organized the following fishing calendar to show which months are best for different species and types of fishing in the waters near our island resort (please click to enlarge):



For those fishing enthusiasts that wish to keep this calendar handy, please find it available for download below as a PDF. Be sure to print it out and consult it the next time you’re planning your fishing vacation to Belize! Contact us to learn more about our island resort and fishing rates, as well as for advice on what equipment to bring on your Belize fishing trip and other fishing tips to consider.



Belize Fishing Calendar


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